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Group Cruising
Great Expeditions  has been creating special group cruises for since the 1990's.   The cruises are on regular scheduled sailings and are not all gay or lesbian.  We are able to provide a great and safe atmosphere for sailing and our groups are welcomed by the cruise lines.   These group cruises offer you the opportunity to sail with others and save money by the special pricing. 

​​Asheville Friends Group Cruise to Cuba
The GayAsheville NC  Asheville Friends  is the umbrella group consisting of a number of different men's, women's and mixed
 groups sailing together on the Cuba Cruise. 
They consist of groups from Prime Timers, Men's Activity, Women's Social, and a number of others.  These groups include both straight, families, gays and lesbians.  Everyone is "Welcome" on a Great Expeditions Group Cruise.   A number of events will be available either with individual groups and/or everyone together; depending on the number of cruisers in each group. 

Acceptance onboard Ship 
In over 25 years, we have never had a problem with discrimination from crew or other guests on our cruises.  This includes everything from holding hands onboard ship to dancing together at the disco. 
More often than not, we have found that our groups increase as others want to be part of the fun we have onboard and off the ship.   Many life long friendships have been made from our groups.

Cruise As You Wish 
The uniqueness of Group Cruising is that your activity level and participation is up to you.  With so many opportunities and activities on board ship, you are not bound to stay with the group; however, the option is there for you. 

Cruise Co-Ordinator
A Group Cruise Co-Ordinator will be on the cruise  with you to help answer any questions or help with anything that arrives during your cruise.   You will find a directory and information brochure delivered to your cabin the first day which will include
a Contact Cabin number for the Co-Ordinator. 

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