Key West 
Key West

Key West is an exciting Port of Call.  The Farthest most point in the United States.  There are many exciting things to do and places to see while visiting Key West.  If you have never been before, we suggest you take one of the Hop on Hop Off Tour buses.  This will allow you the freedom of exploring with more coverage than just walking.

In addition other tours from the beach to snorkeling and more can be booked either from Shore Excursioneer or through Carnival.

Shore Excursioneer is our trusted alternative tour company.  You will find the tours are considerably less expensive with different starting times, etc.  You only need pay a deposit and the balance is payable at the port.  All tours are cancelable up to 72 hours of the excursion.   In addition, if you select multiple tours in the same check out an extra discount will be applied. Here is the link to Shore Excursioneer Key West

Carnival Key West Excursions are booked to your ship account and card.  You may preorder the tours after the first deposit is paid and you have an account opened onboard ship.   Here is the link to Carnival Key West packages

  Cultural Tours out of Havana

One of the Key Requirements for entry into Cuba is a Cultural “People to People” Visa Category Tour.   You must have booked a tour that meets these requirements to get off the ship in Havana.  Once you have completed your tour, you may stay ashore or come back onboard ship and leave again. 
*Some tours, such as the evening night club tours do not meet the requirements.  They can be booked as additional tours after meeting the required Visa Category Tour. These tours will state that they Do Not Meet Guidelines.

There are two ways you can book these:

First is through Carnival.   The tours are a bit more expensive; however, you can charge them to your Sign & Sail card which is payable by your credit card.  Drawback is that some tours, once booked are not cancellable.  ( Given enough time, we {Great Expeditions} have always managed to work things out with Carnival for you.)
Here is the link to Carnival Havana Tours 

Second is through Shore Excursioneer.   The offerings are not as expansive as Carnival.   The catch is that you have to pay the balance to the tour operator in Havana.  This means that you have to carry US Dollars and convert them to Cuban Pesos they do not accept credit cards.  The exchange rate is pegged to the dollar at 1:1.  There is usually a 10% exchange fee.   These tours are completely cancellable with full refund prior to departure.
H ere is the link to Shore Excursioneer Havana Tours


Check out all tours and decide which is best for you.
Remember you must select a Cuba tour, no matter from which supplier.  Great Expeditions doesn’t receive anything from the tours, so it is your choice.  We just give you the options.
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